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Rent an appartment in Florence Tuscany Italy

Rent an appartment in Florence Tuscany Italy
Do you like to spend your vacations in Florence? This is a cute flat housed in a typical building of the 13th century at 50mt from Ponte Vecchio. Click on the picture to know more.

domenica 11 settembre 2011

Good Morning America……..

Ten years ago, the 11th of Sepetember 2001, you woke up astonished and scared. Today I wish you a peaceful and joyful day not to forget any seconds of that day and the days that follwed…….
It was a bored afternoon in Italy, I was at work as usual, sitting at my desk, when news tumbled through : something unbelievable was happening. Everybody was heavily  struck  by this event and everybody was asking themselves HOW it could happen, WHY it happened, HOW WILL BE our future.
Some days after I helped my oldest son, that now he is 23 years old, to do a homework and  put on a drawing his feeling about the TWIN TOWERS. I have no more his drawing but I still have my collage I did with him.

This is my tribute for that day.

No more WARs in the name of GOD, being Him Allah, Christ or Jahveh

No more WARs in the name of the GOD MONEY or the GOD POWER


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